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Will the Autopilot interface with a portable GPS such as a Garmin 295?

Flight Director

Will there be a flight director, and if so what style?

A few questions about the autopilot

1. What is horizontal gps steering?

2. I have a D180, if I bought the two servos and the wiring harness, can I later add the AP74 or 76 unit without having to buy a new harness?

3. Suppose that one day I will add the 74 or 76 unit to the two servos, can I pre-purchase and install the harness (stienair) so that it is a matter of only having plugging in the 74 or 76 unit?

4. Will there be the usual arrangement with steinair to order harnesses esp. for unusual installs?

5. In case of a quick maneuver, will the AP disengage if an overriding stick input is given?

6. Is there setting for the gain, dead band, differential, and integration of the servo that oscillations can be correctly dampened for specific aircraft?

Deciding which AP servo

How do you determine which size autopilot servo to use for your particular aircraft. I plan to install the AP roll & pitch servos to a supermarine Mk26b Spitfire.