SV-SYNVIS-280 (Synthetic Vision) and SV-MAP-270 (Navigation Data) FAQ

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SkyView can display terrain (look down and Synthetic Vision) and Navigation Mapping. Prior to SkyView firmware version 3.0, both capabilities were not full-featured. As of SkyView firmware 3.0, both terrain / Synthetic Vision (SV-SYNVIS-280) and Navigation Mapping (SV-MAP-270) are fully featured and must be purchased (after a 30 flight-hour demo) to display them on SkyView.

This Tech Note does not address upgrading a SkyView system to version 3.0 firmware. That process is thoroughly described in the SkyView System Installation Guide, in the section Firmware Updates and File Operations.


Terrain databases are used for SkyView's Synthetic Vision capability. Three terrain database files are required:

  • High Resolution Terrain - Worldwide by Region (SkyView ships with North America; customers in other areas must download other High Resolution Terrain files).
  • Low Resolution Terrain - Worldwide (SkyView ships with this file).
  • Very Low Resolution Terrain - Worldwide (SkyView ships with this file as of firmware version 3.0; previous customers must download and install this file).

The above databases are provided free at

Once installed, these files do not need to be updated (mountains don't move very often).

There is a one-time $100 fee to enable synthetic vision (SV-SYNVIS-280) on EACH SkyView display. However, the vast majority of SkyView displays bundle SV-SYNVIS-280 into the purchase price of the SkyView display.


Demo Mode

SkyView firmware version 3.0 ships with a free trial of the SkyView SV-MAP-270 Navigation Mapping Software. The trial mode lasts for 30 hours of flight time. The 30 hours become active upon installation of firmware version 3.0, and only FLIGHT hours of SkyView operation count against the 30 hours. (You may use the trial for as long as you want while stationary, before the the 30 flight hours are used.)

Note that SV-MAP-270 is the CAPABILITY to display Navigation Mapping - it is NOT the Navigation Mapping data!

The 30 flight-hour demo is to give SkyView customers a chance to evaluate whether like the Navigation Mapping capability on SkyView and want to purchase the optional SV-MAP-270 license for $500.

When 30 flight-hours is exceeded, the next time SkyView is powered up the MAP button will not appear and Navigation Mapping cannot be displayed.

Purchasing SV-MAP-270

SV-MAP-270 is a product sold just like any other Dynon Avionics product. It can be stocked by, and purchased from all authorized Dynon dealers, or purchased directly from Dynon Avionics.

Only ONE SV-MAP-270 must to be purchased for to enable SV-MAP-270 on any aircraft (SkyView system). While SV-MAP-270 is installed on only one SkyView display, doing so enables SV-MAP-270 on all other SkyView displays that are permanently connected. Emphasizing - SV-MAP-270 does not have to be purchased for each SkyView Display in a SkyView system that has multiple SkyView displays.

Unlike SV-SYNVIS-280, SV-MAP-270 is not purchased "bundled" on a SkyView display. SV-MAP-270 may be bought concurrently WITH a SkyView display, but the customer (or the dealer or installer, on the customer's behalf) is required to install SV-MAP-270 by inputing the SV-MAP-270 code into (one of) their SkyView display(s).

When SV-MAP-270 is purchased, the customer receives a (paper) Certificate. Printed on the (paper) certificate is a Certificate Code, which is redeemable, ONE TIME, for a License Code. The license code is a unique six character alphanumeric string that is entered into a SkyView display.

As explained on the Certificate, the Certificate Code is redeemed for a License Code by going to and entering some basic information along with the Certificate Code. Note that doing so...

  1. Invalidates the Certificate Code - it can never be used again.
  2. Generates a License Code that is unique to only one specific SkyView display.

The resulting License code will be emailed to the customer within 24 hours. If the License Code email is not received within 24 hours - contact Dynon by phone - 425-402-0433 or email - and the License Code can be recovered.

Note that when buying SV-MAP-270 directly from Dynon, such as a phone purchase, the customer may request that Dynon sales personnel process the Certificate Code for a License code to expedite the installation of SV-MAP-270 on the customer's SkyView display. At a minimum, the Dynon sales personnel will need to know the type of SkyView display (SV-D700 [7-inch] or SV-D1000 [10-inch]) and the serial number of the SkyView display.

To install the License Code on a SkyView display:

  1. Push and hold buttons 7 + 8 to access the SETUP menu.
  3. Select LICENSE
  4. Select LICENSE CODE
  5. Using the knob, enter the six-character LICENSE CODE
  6. Push the button labeled ACCEPT
  7. (If a valid LICENSE CODE [for that particular SkyView display) was entered), the line MAP will change from TRIAL -- xx HOURS REMAIN to LICENSED (THIS DISPLAY). LICENSE CODE will change to (NOT SET).

If the License Code is valid for that SkyView display, the "MAP TRIAL MODE - XX HOURS REMAIN" will no longer be displayed on the Primary Flight Display OR if the 30 Flight Hour demo was exceeded, map display will again be an option on all connected SkyView displays.

If the SkyView display with the License Code fails or is removed from the aircraft (disconnected from SkyView Network), a different "30 Flight Hour limit" is activated. Warnings of remaining Flight Hours will commence when 10 Flight Hours remain. If this is an issue, please contact Dynon Technical Support for assistance.


Obtaining United States databases

Dynon is able to provide free US Aviation database and free US Obstacles database because the US FAA provides free aviation data (paid for by taxpayers) for the US under no copyright. The US databases are quite detailed and include lots of information such as extensive remarks. The US databases are updated every 28 days and can be downloaded at

Obtaining non-United States databases Outside the US, the only reliable source of Aviation and Obstacle databases in most countries is Jeppesen. There is no option to obtain free Jeppesen data, even for a brief, or feature-limited trial. Dynon does not currently offer any other source of non-US aviation and obstacle data other than Jeppesen. Dynon cannot "get in the middle" of a SkyView customer's purchase of Jeppesen data. More info on the Jeppesen data options for SkyView can be viewed at Note that some SkyView customers have reported that it is more efficient to contact Jeppensen by phone rather than the form on the Jeppesen web site. Jeppesen phone numbers by region can be viewed at

Through May 15, 2011 (Midnight MDT), Jeppesen is offering SkyView customers 50% off the regular annual subscription price of NavData® and obstacle data. To take advantage of this offer, when you contact Jeppesen, mention promotion code DY50N011

Dynon recognizes that while US customers are able to fully evaluate the capabilities of SkyView's Navigation Mapping Software completely free (30 flight-hour preview along with free Aviation and Obstacle database), non-US customers must pay for at least one Jeppesen download to fully evaluate the capabilities of SkyView's Navigation Mapping Software. Again, Dynon is not aware of any source of free Aviation and Obstacle databases for areas outside the US.

Note: There has been considerable discussion in Dynon's SkyView forum (link) as to the "completeness" of Jeppesen's data. Jeppesen has confirmed to Dynon that the Jeppesen data for Skyview is "complete worldwide runway data". However, it's important to note that trustworthy coordinates are not available for some runways at certain airports (typically smaller airports). When trustworthy runway data is not available, Jeppesen does not provide such data to any OEM (including for SkyView).

Installing Dynon US or Jeppesen non-US databases

Note: If SkyView Firmware version 3.0 has not already been loaded, that should be done BEFORE installing new version 3.0-compatible databases.

The process of updating aviation, obstacle (and terrain) databases is thoroughly described in the SkyView System Installation Guide, in Chapter 6. SV-MAP-270 Navigation Mapping Software and irmware Updates and File Operations.

The process for installing Dynon / FAA or Jeppesen non-US databases is essentially the same:

  1. Download the database onto a USB Flash Drive. A 4 GB USB Flash Drive is included with every SkyView display. Jeppesen's PC-based software must be used to transfer Jeppesen data onto the USB Flash Drive.
  2. Insert the USB Flash Drive into any of the three USB ports on a SkyView display(two are on the rear panel, one is on a cable.
  3. Push and hold buttons 7 + 8 to access the SETUP menu.
  5. Select LOAD FILES
  6. Highlight the file you wish to load (they should be named relatively intuitively)
  7. Push the button labeled LOAD
  8. You will see a message LOAD (filename) ON TO SYSTEM? ARE YOU SURE? Push the button labeled YES
  9. The screen will display the progress of loading the new database. The screen should display OPERATION COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY
  10. Push the button labeled DONE
  11. Repeat steps 6 through 10 as necessary to load all database files
  12. Push the button labeled EXIT

Note: SkyView can only be loaded with one Aviation and one Obstacle database at a time. Loading an Aviation database overwrites the previous Aviation Database. Loading an Obstacle database overwrites the previous Obstacle database.

Note: Starting with SkyView Firmware version 3.0, if an Ethernet cable (Dynon's Low Smoke Zero Halogen Aircraft Grade SV-ETHERNET-3CC is recommended) is connected between two SkyView displays, database updates performed on one SkyView display will automatically be be updated (synchronized) on the second SkyView display. If there are three or four SkyView displays, contact Dynon Technical Support for a recommended Ethernet switch. As mentioned above, the US databases are updated every 28 days, so installing an Ethernet / SV-ETHERNET-3CC cable between two SkyView displays can more than halve the time required to update SkyView Aviation and Obstacle databases.