Replacing a Vision Microsystems EMS with SkyView EMS

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Dynon Avionics Tech Support receives occasional requests to assist in replacing a Vision Microsystems Engine Monitor System (EMS), typically the VM 1000, with the equivalent capability in SkyView (using the SkyView SV-EMS-220 Engine Monitoring module).

Compatibility of Existing VM 1000 Sensors

The following sensors used with the VM 1000 are known to be compatible with the SkyView SV-EMS-220:

  • K-type thermocouples used for EGTs
  • J-type thermocouples used for CHTs
  • FloScan 201B fuel flow sensor (and other varieties of FloScan fuel flow sensors)

The following sensors used in the VM 1000 are NOT compatible with the SkyView SV-EMS-220:

  • MAnifold Pressure (MAP)
  • AMPs
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Outside Air Temperature (OAT)

We are not sure about the following sensors:

  • RPM; the Bendix King tachometer transducer will likely work, but we have not received confirmation.
  • Oil Temperature; SkyView supports some third party oil temp sensors, but the type of oil temp sensor is unknown.
  • Capacitive fuel level; if the probe outputs 0-5V DC, that output is compatible with SkyView.

If you can provide confirmation of the above from your direct experience in converting a VM 1000 to Skyview, please contact Dynon Avionics Technical Support. Please use the subject VM 1000 Conversion Experience

Guidance on Buying Dynon Avionics Sensors

Dynon Avionics sells bundles of engine sensors (EMSKIT-xxx) for various engines. These kits are priced at a discount vs purchasing the sensors and harnesses individually. If you intend to reuse the CHT sensors and/or the EGT sensors, you should order the components individually.

  1. Reference the EMSKIT most appropriate for your engine. This will provide you with a list of recommended sensors for your engine.
  2. Subtract the CHT probes and EGT probes as appropriate.
  3. Order the remaining components in the kit as individual items. Be sure to include the CHT/EGT harness that will be needed to connect the CHT and/or EGT sensors to the SV-EMS-220.