Importing Flight Plans

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Starting with Firmware Version 3.1,SkyView can import flight plans in the .GPX format. Many popular flight planning programs can export in this format.

Dynon Avionics provides the following links about programs that claim to output GPX format as a courtesy only. Dynon Avionics does not endorse or promise that a particular program's GPX output will be compatible with SkyView. Technical support for any of these flight planning programs should be sought from the flight planning company directly.

PocketFMS PC Desktop Software

  • To export PocketFMS plans to the GPX format:
    • At the top of the PocketFMS FlightPlan window, press the Views button and select 'exportfile-multiformat'.
    • Select the GPX (Generic transfer format) radio button and press Continue.
    • The required GPX file has now been created in your \My Documents\PocketFMS\GeneratedFlightDocs\GPX folder under the same file name as the original FlightPlan.

SkyDemon VFR Flight Planner (as of SkyView version 3.2 release)

Jeppesen FliteStar (as of SkyView version 3.2 release)

  • XML output can be run through [GPS Visualizer], which yields a compatible GPX file that can be imported into SkyView.

Seattle Avionics Voyager

  • Requires that a Google Earth (KML) format file exported from Voyager be converted to a SkyView-compatible GPX file. Instructions for this conversion process are covered in the Dynon Avionics forum.


  • iFlightPlanner Premium required, web-based version only