HS34 GP inputs

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The HS34 includes 3 "General Purpose" inputs. These are an extension of the current EMS GP inputs. They work the same and support the same sensors.

In order to use these, you must have an EMS. When the HS34 is connected, you will see "HS34 GP Input X" in the EMS general setup menu. Connect sensors such as flaps, trim, OAT, etc into the three GP input pins just as described in the EMS install guide, including any pull-up resistors if required. A +5V excitation voltage is provided on pin 9 of the male connector on the HS34. You must use this for any pull up voltages, not the +5V that comes out of the EMS. Do not connect the EMS +5V and the HS34 +5V together as this will damage the units.

Since a loss of the network will lead to the loss of any of the sensors hooked to the HS34, it is suggested to hook low priority items such as flap and trip position sensors to the HS34 and use the local EMS inputs for things such as CHT or carb temp.