Garmin 430/530 Wiring

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Garmin 430/530 (including WAAS units):

Connecting to the Garmin X30 series requires 8 wires, all ARINC-429. Do not connect any serial lines to the Dynon HS34 or other Dynon equipment. You may still use the serial lines out of the X30 for other equipment in your aircraft such as an autopilot if needed.

Please note that in this install, the "CDI" button has no function. The CDI button on the X30 changes the analog output, but not the ARINC-429. You will be using the "NAV SRC" button on the HS34 to toggle between the NAV and GPS.

Connect as follows:

Garmin P4001 (78 pin connector)

  • Pin # 46 to HS34 female connector pin # 23
  • Pin # 47 to HS34 female connector pin # 11
  • Pin # 48 to HS34 female connector pin # 25
  • Pin # 49 to HS34 female connector pin # 13

Garmin P4006 (44 pin)

  • Pin # 23 to HS34 female connector pin # 10
  • Pin # 24 to HS34 female connector pin # 22
  • Pin # 35 to HS34 female connector pin # 12
  • Pin # 36 to HS34 female connector pin # 24

Once the wiring is done, configure the HS34 and the X30 as follows:

Garmin X30 (hold enter while turning unit on to enter setup menu):

       "Main AIRNC 429 Config" page
               In 1 : High | EFIS / Airdata
               In 2 : Unused by the HS34, configure as needed for other equipment
               Out : High | GAMA 429
               SDI : Common
               VNAV : Enable Labels
       "VOR / LOC / GS AIRNC 429 Config" Page
               TX: High 
               RX: High
               SDI: Common
               DME: Unused by HS34

HS34 (Setup done on EFIS, under setup menu then HSI):

    ARINC-429 Page:
               Input1: GAMA GPS
               Input2: GAMA NAV
               Speed: HIGH
               Output Data: ON
               Output Speed: High

Note that the HS34 can also support an ARINC-429 data rate/speed of "LOW" if your avionics setup includes other devices which require it be set that way.