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Question: Hello, is there any way to have the selected nav source put OUT serially? If I'm using a Garmin 396 or SL30 navcom to drive the HSI, I'd like a serial stream out of HS34 to drive a TruTrak autopilot. If I cannot do this, it is yet another switch to install on the panel,and to get wrong while I'm busy.

Answer (Dynon Avionics): No*, but, the serial streams from those devices can be split right from the source to talk to both your Dynon Avionics and your other products at the same time. Most autopilots will only make use of the GPS information anyway, so this is less likely to be an issue in practice. Of course, when we come out with our own autopilot solution (timing and pricing yet to be determined - no further information is available at this time), it will be able to be coupled to your active nav source.

*The one slight exception to this is that if you have an x96 and an SL30, the frequencies from the x96 will make it over to the SL30 as if they were connected directly.

Garmin Handheld Notes: Although documentation for the x96 series shows two distinct serial pairs (in/out), only #1 works on most models. Thus, if you are wanting your 496 to "talk to" your GNS 430/530, it must either do so using the same settings necessary for the Dynon or not at all. In response to my inquiry about this, Garmin replied:

Dear Bill,

Thank you for contacting Garmin International,

While the documentation shows that there are two serial connections that is for the cable which has that capability. However, with the 496 the system only has one serial port for transmitting data to and from. The only portable aviation unit that has the ability to use two serial ports is the GPSMAP 296. The XM weather on the 396.496 uses the second data port.

With Best Regards,

Kevin O | Aviation Product Support Specialist | Pilot Operations