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What is the HS34 HSI Expansion module?

The HS34 expands Dynon's already popular line of affordable EFIS and EMS instruments. While all of Dynon's EFIS instruments currently include HSI functionality, full compatibility with some GPS and NAV radios has been limited by the serial connection method.

The HS34 overcomes these restraints by adding ARINC-429, analog, and serial interfaces to cover many popular radios. With the addition of an HS34 to an EFIS, full compatibility is now possible with radios such as the 430/530. This includes advanced features IFR pilots demand, such as CDI auto-scaling and full vertical guidance information from WAAS-enabled units. The HS34 effectively eliminates the need to install a conventional CDI/GS head. The panel-mounted HS34 provides a superior user interface to the HSI as well. By including dedicated knobs and buttons for the barometer, course (OBS), heading bug, navigation source, and bearing source, users can quickly access the primary functions without pushing any buttons on the EFIS.

Additional functions of the HS34 include auto-dimming of all Dynon equipment, and audio output for voice annunciation of various system warnings and alarms, and additional EMS general purpose and contact inputs.

See this page for additional information.

What Nav Radios and GPS devices work with the HS34?

The HS34 is designed to work with most radios and GPSs that have ARINC-429, analog, or serial data connections. In principle, any device that can connect to a conventional nav head should work with the HS34.

At the moment, the HS34 has been successfully tested with the following radios:

  • Garmin 430/530 series
  • Garmin SL30

This list will be updated as we verify compatibility with more devices.

What kind of marker beacon outputs will the HS34 accept?

The HS34 can receive either a voltage or a an output that is switched to ground. This means that most marker beacon receivers and audio panels that incorporate one can drive the HS34. The HS34 can also accept marker beacon over an ARINC-429 data connection when that data is present.

What kind of DME inputs will the HS34 accept?

The HS34 can accept standard DME input, which is a variable voltage. The HS34 can also read DME over an ARINC-429 data connection when that data is present.

I am adding an HS34 to my existing Dynon-equipped panel. What changes?

Not too much. All GPS and nav radios will need to be connected to the HS34. All of your products, including your HS34, will need to be connected via DBAB per the EFIS installation manual. Finally, all of your Dynon products, including the HS34, need to be running the same firmware version (release 4.0 or higher).

Can I use a portable GPS with my HS34?

Most portable GPS units can drive the Dynon HSI display whether hooked up to the HS34 or connected directly to your EFIS (note that if you own the HS34, it must be connected through it). See GPS Configuration Settings for compatibility information.