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(Wiring and Compatibility Information)
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[[Image:HS34_vertical.jpg|frame|right|HS34 Vertical Orientation]]
[[Image:HS34_vertical.jpg|frame|right|HS34 Vertical Orientation]]
Also, refer to the [[HS34 FAQ]].
{{see also|HS34 FAQ}}
[[HS34 Basic Operation Guide Text]]
[[HS34 Basic Operation Guide Text]]

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HS34 Vertical Orientation
See also: HS34 FAQ

HS34 Basic Operation Guide Text

Wiring and Compatibility Information

HS34 Pinout

HS34 Pin Descriptions

Garmin 430/530 Wiring: Serial, ARINC-429, and Analog confirmed to work.

Garmin SL-30 Wiring: Serial confirmed to work.

Garmin X96 Wiring: Serial confirmed to work.

Garmin 480 Wiring: Compatibility unconfirmed.

250XL Wiring: Compatibility unconfirmed.

Generic ARINC-429 Wiring

Generic Analog Wiring

Generic Serial Wiring

HS34 Audio

HS34 GP inputs

HS34 Serial inputs


Articles initially adapted from [this thread]

May want to add some info from: http://dynonavionics.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1183734073/0#14