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Dynon Avionics makes no representations or endorsements of the products found on this page

Ethernet Switch

When 3 SkyView displays are in a panel, an Ethernet switch is required.

Contemporary Controls BAS Switch AF-HUB ETHERNET SWITCHING HUB L DSC09587.jpg

Available from:

Multi-channel audio mixers

If you have multiple sources of audio, but only one available intercom / audio panel input, these units cleanly mix multiple sources of audio.

Flight Data Systems AP-60 Audio Mixer Ap-60 small.jpeg

Gretz Aero GA-AM Audio Mixer AudioMixer element27.jpg

Pitot Tube Mounting Bracket Kit

Pitot Tube Mounting Bracket Kits Paintable.jpg

Angle of Attack (AOA) / Pitot / Static Pneumatic Lines

SafeAir1 AOA-Pitot-Static Air Kits PSA Kit SkyView 08.jpg

Remote Angle of Attack Display

VX-Aviation Remote LED AOA Display ADS-horizontal.jpg

Remote Magnetometer (Compass) Mount

SafeAir1 Remote Compass Mount for EDC-D10A RCmount 05.jpg

RPM Signal Voltage Adapter

Useful for adapting a "ECU" (engine control unit) low-voltage (typically, 5V) tachometer signal to a level that can be detected by a Dynon EMS-D10, EMS-D120, or FlightDEK-D180, which require a tachometer signal > 10V.

Baker Electronix TSD/ATSD (Tachometer Adapter) DSC00056r.jpg

Tachometer Generator

Useful for when tapping the P-Lead or other existing signals on an engine isn't applicable. This unit has been verified to work by several customers.

Van's Aircraft P/N IE VTACHGEN 2

24V to 12V DC-DC Converter 10A

Dynon heated pitot tube controller requires 10-15V power input. This unit converts 24V to 12V with minimal power loss.

This unit is only needed for 24V aircraft.

24-12V DC-DC Converter 10AJaycar mp3061.jpg

TNC to BNC Adapter

Dynon's SV-XPNDR-261 and -262 transponders have a TNC connector. But, BNC connectors are more common for preassembled transponder antenna / coaxial cable assemblies than the TNC connector, so here is an adapter that converts TNC to BNC.

TNC to BNC Adapter242149 sml.jpg

D1 External GPS Extension Cable

The Dynon D1's External GPS can be extended with the proper extension cable.

4 Position Headset Extension Cable31HFisStxAL. SX385 .jpg

Alternative To Using Crush Washer for Dynon Avionics P/N 100409-001 (Oil/Coolant Temp 5/8-18 UNF)

Some customers have expressed concern that the recommended crush washer for this sensor needs to be carefully centered as it is installed, or it may leak. Below are two alternative approaches to the use of a crush washer:

Alternative 1: Earl's 178010 Earl Stat-O-Seal Sealing Washers361-178010.jpg

Alternative 2: Oil Temperature Adapter, 5/8 -18 Lycoming - ISS DCN ADAPTERISS DCN ADAPTER.jpg

This adapter adapts the Dynon Avionics P/N 100409-000 Oil/Coolant Temp Sensor 1/8-27 NPT to a 5/8-18 UNF port. The adapter will have a tight seal with the recommended crush washer.

Restrictor for reducing fluctuations in Manifold Pressure

Some customers would like to reduce the fluctuations seen in Manifold Pressure readings, and have experimented restrictors. Below are two such restrictors:

Alternative 1: Item # EA22R-O, Restrictor Fitting (no image available).

Alternative 2: Oil/Fuel Flow Restrictor FittingCat-med va-128.jpg