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The right tool can make the task of installing your Dynon Avionics instrument much easier.

With that in mind, Dynon has created this Document Wiki system as a dynamic set of documents that Dynon customers are invited and encouraged to help maintain, update, and enhance. Please contribute your favorite tools and suppliers that you have discovered that made your installation of Dynon instruments easier, faster, safer, less expensive, and more reliable.

Specialized Tools

  • D-connector Pin Crimping Tool -
    • Example 1:
  • Faston / Ring Terminal Crimping Tool
    • Example 1: B&C Specialty Products Inc., P/N RCT-1
  • "Automatic" Wire Stripper - Ideal Stripmaster - Makes repetitive wire stripping easy and consistent, especially for "slippery" wire insulation such as Teflon.
    • Example 1: B&C Specialty Products, P/N 45-097.
  • Weather Pack Connector Pin Crimping Tool - Reference 1 Weather Pack FAQ
    • Example 1:

Tool Vendor Contact Information