Third Party Two Wire Oil Temperature Sensors

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The following 3rd party sensors are supported on Dynon EMS-D10/D120 and and FlightDEK-D180 system. They are not supported on SkyView. However, they are not sold by Dynon Avionics directly:

Westach Oil Temperature sensors (preferred for best accuracy)

Sensor type 9 on EMS-D10, EMS-D120, FlightDEK-D180

   Westach 399S7 (1/8-27 NPT - $29.85)
   Westach 299S9 (5/8-18 UNF - $45.25)
   Also available from Aircraft Spruce

UMA Oil Temperature sensors

Sensor type 10 on EMS-D10, EMS-D120, FlightDEK-D180

   UMA 1B1 (1/8-27 NPT - $61.25)
   UMA 1B3 (5/8-18 UNF - $45.25)
   Both of the above are available from Aircraft Spruce