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Could you give us a date of availability ? Ifnot (sniff... ) is it possible to have informations, screens etc... Will it be possible to have the 3d screen on the total window on the 7'? wind direction ? Could I import in your material a complete flight plan from my soft "flight planner"? With my usb key ? That's will be enough informations to pass a good christmas !! regards eric sueur , france

SkyView ADAHRS Could you provide any guidelines for the placement / orientation / distance to steel etc. for the SV-ADAHRS Module? Thanks !


I have an interrest for your new system. wil it used an jeppesen data base?

GPS compatibility

I have a Garmin 296 GPS. Would it be compatible to use as the GPS driver for the SkyView? Also, how soon will the software be available for the autopilot/SkyView interface? I want to install them at the same time as a retrofit in my plane.