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Application for Glastar

I bought two SV42C capstan servo's and the installation is quite challenging. It requires making a tray that fits aft of the aileron cross tube and bolts in one place either side to the upper bolts holding the nylon blocks to the cage. The left side of the tray needs to be stepped down to be lower and closer to the floor so that the servo capstan will go neatly under the elevator cable.

The bridle cable is too short on the left side, it is 15" long on both sides, it needs to be 19" on one side and 15" inches on the other when the servo is mounted on the right side of the center cage. The factory very kindly made me a special bridle cable.

Then, a bracket must be fabricated to hold the servo. I made mine after three tries to get it right.

The RV6 roll servo bracket would fit very well and save a lot of work, with a couple of extra holes made in it. I hope that Dynon will sell me this piece, part number 100866-000.

Chris L.