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== User Waypoint Guide ==

Beginning with version 2.5, SkyView supports a "User Waypoint" feature. A User Waypoint is a point on the Earth which shows up as a yellow pushpin on the SkyView terrain map, like this:


You can optionally attach a short note to each User Waypoint.

User Waypoints can be very helpful:

- They can be used as a destination for a DTO. Since they can be placed anywhere, they are more flexible than using DTO to an Airport, NDB, VOR, or Fix.

- You can set up multiple User Waypoints in a sequence as a way to create and follow a basic flight plan.

- You can add a note to an individual waypoint to remind you of important information, such as tower and ground frequencies, noise abatement procedures, reporting points, pattern altitudes, or even just directions to a good nearby hamburger stand.

== User Waypoint DUP files ==

User Waypoints are stored in DUP files like Nav data and Obstacle data. You create them on your PC or download them from another source, and then load them like you would load a database. You can only have one User Waypoint DUP file loaded at a time, but it can contain any number of waypoints. If you like, you can create a small library of different User Waypoint DUP files, store them on a USB memory stick, and then load whichever one applies for a given flight.

== Google Earth==

Google Earth is one of the easiest ways to create User Waypoints. Google Earth is a free application provided by Google which gives you a satellite map of the entire world:

Link to Google Earth Download Page

(Dynon Avionics is not affiliated with Google)

You also need the Dynon User Waypoint Google Earth Export Utility:


The basic procedure is as follows: