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I just got my new SkyView system. I figured how to hook up the power and ground wires, but when I connect up the SV-ADAHRS-200 with the provided cable, all I see is 3 Red X's. Help!

A SkyView Display, as shipped from the factory, is set to display MAP (30%), PFD (30%), and EMS (20%).

To do a SkyView Network Configuration, push Buttons 7+9 to access the SETUP Menu, then SYSTEM SETUP > NETWORK SETUP > CONFIGURE > DETECT (button).

  • The EMS screen will disappear (SV-EMS-220 not detected on SkyView Network)
  • The MAP will continue to display the red X until a GPS is connected to the SkyView display.
  • The Primary Flight Display (PFD) screen will display.

The SkyView Network Configuration procedure must be performed any time the network configuration is changed - devices added, or removed.

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