SV-SYNVIS-280 (Synthetic Vision) and SV-MAP-270 (Navigation Data) FAQ

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SkyView can display terrain data (look down and Synthetic Vision) and navigation data. Prior to SkyView firmware version 3.0, both capabilities were not full-featured. As of SkyView firmware 3.0, both terrain data display (SV-SYNVIS-280) and navigation data (SV-MAP-270) are fully featured and must be purchased to display them on SkyView.


Terrain data is used for SkyView's Synthetic Vision capability. Three terrain data files are required:

  • High Resolution Terrain - Worldwide by Region (SkyView ships with North America; non-American customers must download other High Resolution Terrain files).
  • Low Resolution Terrain - Worldwide (SkyView ships with this file).
  • Very Low Resolution Terrain - Worldwide (SkyView ships with this file as of version 3.0 firmware; previous customers must download and install this file).

The above databases are provided free at

Once installed, these files do not need to be updated (mountains don't move very often).

There is a one-time $100 fee to enable synthetic vision (SV-SYNVIS-280) on EACH SkyView display. However, the vast majority of SkyView displays bundle SV-SYNVIS-280 into the purchase price of the SkyView display.


Demo Mode SkyView firmware version 3.0 ships with a free trial of the SkyView SV-MAP-270 GPS Navigation software. The trial mode lasts for 30 hours of flight time. The 30 hours become active upon installation of 3.0, and only FLIGHT hours of SkyView operation count against the 30 hours. (You may use the trial for as long as you want while stationary, before the the 30 flight hours are used.)

Note that SV-MAP-270 is the CAPABILITY to display Navigation- it is NOT the Navigation data!

The 30 flight-hour demo is to give you a chance to evaluate whether like the map capability on SkyView and want to purchase the optional SV-MAP-270 license for $500 (price is per SkyView SYSTEM - does not have to be purchased for each SkyView Display).

When you fly through the 30 flight-hours, the next time SkyView is powered up, the map button will not appear and you will not be able to display maps.

Purchasing SV-MAP-270

30 flight hour demo

why should i pay When you upgraded to v3.0, the map capability (ability to display navigation and obstruction data - basically, the MAP) is provided in a 30 flight-hour demo only.

If you do like the maps and want to continue to use them on SkyView after the 30 flight-hour demo period, then you must purchase the SV-MAP-270 ( and install the resulting six-digit code on one of your SkyView displays.

SV-MAP-270 is a one-time purchase, and it enables map capability on your SkyView forever.

Note that the SV-270-MAP is required (after the 30 flight-hour demo) BEFORE any aviation data is loaded.

In the US, we can provide aviation data for free because the FAA provides it for free. In the rest of the world, the only available source of data we found was Jeppesen. So, in the US, customers can fully evaluate the map capability for free (30 flight-hour demo + free aviation data). In the rest of the world, at least you don't have to pay for the map capability immediately, but you do have to pay at least one time for the Jeppese