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Dynon Avionics Tech Support receives occasional requests to assist in replacing a Vision Microsystems Engine Monitor System (EMS), typically the VM 1000, with the equivalent capability in SkyView (using the SkyView SV-EMS-220 Engine Monitoring module).

The following sensors used with the VM 1000 are known to be compatible with the SkyView SV-EMS-220:

  • K-type thermocouples used for EGTs
  • J-type thermocouples used for CHTs
  • FloScan 201B fuel flow sensor (and other varieties of FloScan fuel flow sensors)

The following sensors used in the VM 1000 are NOT compatible with the SkyView SV-EMS-220:

  • MAnifold Pressure (MAP)
  • AMPs
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Outside Air Temperature (OAT)

We are not sure about the following sensors:

  • RPM; the Bendix King tachometer transducer will likely work, but we have not received confirmation.
  • Oil Temperature; SkyView supports some third party oil temp sensors, but the type of oil temp sensor is unknown.
  • Capacitive fuel level; if the probe outputs 0-5V DC, that output is compatible with SkyView.

If you can provide confirmation of the above from your direct experience in converting a VM 1000 to Skyview, please contact Dynon Avionics Technical Support. Please use the subject VM 1000 Conversion Experience