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Dynon Avionics supplies various parts, accessories, and sensors support the installation of its instruments. Many common, small parts - connectors, resistors, etc. are included in kits supplied with specific units and sensors. The complete list of all products available directly from Dynon Avionics is at

But there are some parts that Dynon Avionics does not supply because of the vast range of aircraft that Dynon's instruments are installed in.

Dynon created this "Document Wiki" system as a dynamic set of documents that Dynon customers are invited and encouraged to help maintain, update, and enhance. Please contribute your favorite parts and suppliers that you have discovered that made your installation of Dynon instruments easier, faster, safer, less expensive, and more reliable.

Autopilot-related Parts

  • AP Disengage/Control Wheel Steering (CWS) Button - A Push Button Single Pole Normally Open (PB SP NO) is required for installation of the Dynon Autopilot (AP) to disengage the AP or to engage the AP in Control Wheel Steering (CWS) mode. It may be desirable to locate this button on the yoke instead of the panel. Specification: Push Button Single Pole Normally Open (PB SP NO), minimum current rating 1 Amp (1A). Example - Aircraft Spruce P/N 11-00748.
  • AP74/HS34 Audio Level Adjustment Potentiometer - A 10 Kilo Ohm (10 Kohm) variable resistor (potentiometer) is required to connect the audio output of the (AP74 {and HS34} into the aircraft's audio system. This potentiometer is typically only adjusted once, so we recommend that the potentiometer have a "short shaft" so that it can be tucked up under the panel, adjusted with a screwdriver, and then only rarely accessed.

Common Parts

  • 1/4" Inside Diameter Pneumatic Tubing (including adapters, clamps, etc.) - Required for connecting, routing, and securing pneumatic lines between Dynon EFIS pressure sensor ports and external ports.
  • 22 AWG Wire Selection - (TBD - kit of various colors of wire).
  • Adel Clamps (various diameters) - Required for mounting of various Dynon engine sensors.
  • Connector Selection - (TBD - kit of various crimp-on connectors, including Butt Splice, FastOn, Ring Terminals).
  • Crush Washer (1/8", 5/8") - Required for installing Dynon Oil Temperature sensors.
  • Resistor Selection - (TBD - kit of various resistor values, 10% tolerance, 1/2 watt power rating)
  • Teflon Tape - Required for installing various Dynon engine sensors.