Importing Flight Plans

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Starting with Firmware Version 3.1,SkyView can import flight plans in the .GPX format. Many popular flight planning programs can export in this format.

AeroPlanner .GPX Export Page

Export Route

   After a route has been generated or opened in the flight planner, click the Export Route link.
   Select the GPX (Easy GPS) format in the drop-down menu in the File Type window.
   Click the Export button.
   Click the Click Here to Download link.
   Click the Save button and choose a location on your computer in which to save the route.
   Click the Save button.
   Close the Download window.
   Connect your GPS and computer and open EasyGPS.
   Click the Open button on the toolbar and select the route.
   Click the Open button. The route appears in Easy GPS.
   Note: If you need or want to rename the route, click and highlight the current route name, click Edit on the toolbar, and then Edit in the drop-down menu. Enter the new name and click OK.
   Click the Send button on the toolbar.
   Check Waypoints and Routes in the Send to GPS window and click OK. The route and waypoints transfer to your GPS.
   Note:To send a single waypoint to the GPS, right click on the waypoint name in the route and click Send Waypoints to GPS in the drop-down menu.
   Verify that the route transferred and close EasyGPS