HS34 Basic Operation Guide Text

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when no menu shown pushing and holding value knob sets baro to 29.92 turning the value knob adjusts the barometer when in any menu which adjusts a numerical value turning the value knob will adjust that value (pending verification) pushing the value knob will perform the same function as BACK NAV SRC rotates through possible navigation sources in the order configured by the user BRG SRC is used to configure bearing pointers on the HSI page. Exact behavior is dependant upon installed sources. HEADING knob rotating will adjust the heading bug and will display the bug if it is not displayed tapping will sync heading bug to current heading holding will toggle heading bug COURSE knob rotating will adjust the course if allowed by the nav source (gps sends the course, nav radio user is tuning course) tapping will sync course to current heading (again, if allowed) holding will sync course to BTS Light sensor Can be configured in EFIS DIM menu to auto-dim all screens in DSAB system NAV/GPS indicators indicate currently active nav source

Questions: does value knob affect EMS values?