Garmin X96 Wiring

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Garmin X96:

This will be serial as well. You'll need the cable from Garmin to connect this.

Garmin x96 Dynon HS34
Wire Description Setting Plug Pin Description Setting Notes
Blue Data Out NMEA & VHF Male D25 1 - or - 2 Serial 1 - or - 2 Rx Aviation 9600 Transmits HSI Course for Dynon, and SL 30 Frequency Commands which HS34 will forward to SL30 if connected
Yellow Data In ??? Male D25 14 - or - 15 Serial 1 - or - 2 Tx ??? HS34 Install Doc suggests this has no purpose

Note from the Forums January 21st, 2008

If your D100/D180 EFIS has battery backup, you can assure continued operation in the case of aircraft power failure as follows:

- Split the blue wire from the Garmin x96 (Garmin Serial Tx)
- Connect the split to pin 19 on the D37 connector on the D180

The EFIS SHOULD ignore this system as long as there is power to the HS34, but will use it if aircraft power fails to receive GPS data from your handheld.

Forum Note Update: Feb 22 2008

In some cases having the x96 hooked directly to the EFIS causes flickering, which they are investigating. Until they get it fixed, you may wish to install an on/off switch between the x96 and the EFIS (not interrupting the signal to the HS34).