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Please see the DX15 web page for features of the DX15.

Please see the DX15 User Guide (PDF) for questions about operating the DX15.

The FAQs below are for questions not addressed on the web page or the User Guide.

Can the DX15 be used outside the US?

The DX15 was certified with the US FCC for use only in the USA. It has not been certified for use in other countries.

Additionally, the DX15's AC Adapter and Desktop Charger are designed for 115 Volts, 60 Hz and is NOT auto-adjustable like many AC adapters. It is NOT sufficient to merely use a plug adapter with the DX15's AC adapter(s). If the DX15's AC adapter cubes are connected to 220V, not only will the AC adapter be damaged, but the DX15 will also be damaged. This damage is not repairable or covered under warranty. The sole remedy for such damage is to buy another DX15.

How are warranty issues handled for the DX15?

For any issues for the DX15, contact Dynon Technical Support.

What accessories are available for the DX15?

(Accessories, like the DX15 itself, are only available through Dynon Avionics dealers, not directly from Dynon Avionics.)

  • BNC Antenna Adapter - P/N 101300-000
  • Desktop Rapid Cradle Charger - P/N 100997-002
  • Headset/Push-To-Talk Adapter Cable - P/N 100844-000
  • Vehicle Power Adapter 12V Aircraft ONLY - P/N 100845-001
  • Replacement AC-to-DC Wall Adapter (Charger) P/N 100846-000
  • Replacement Li-Ion Battery - P/N 100965-000
  • Replacement Flexible Antenna - P/N 100993-000

What aviation headsets are compatible with the DX15?

The DX15 + the Headset/Push-To-Talk Adapter Cable was tested with a wide variety of aviation headsets. It