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Tools and Materials Required for Dynon Avionics AOA/Pitot Probe

• Two plumbing lines (usually ¼” soft aluminum or plastic tubing) routed from the SV‐ADAHRS‐20X to the probe mounting location

• Adapters to interface with the 3/16” aluminum tubing from the probe to whatever plumbing lines are installed in the aircraft (AN919‐2D for 3/16 to ¼, AN819‐4D nut, AN819‐3D sleeve, and AN818‐3D nut)

• #36 drill and #6‐32 tap

• AOA Pitot Mounting bracket. Models know to work well include:

  Gretz Aero CBK12 (Chrome) and PBK12 (Paintable), available at greatzaero.com/mountbracket.html [1] or from Aircraft Spruce [2]
  SafeAir1 also makes a bracket with a joggled lip for RV series. It is available from www.safeair1.com [3]

SkyView Installation Manual - Revision G (to be added)

   * Page 13-2 - AOA Probe Installation