3rd Party Accessories not supplied by Dynon

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Dynon Avionics makes no representations or endorsements of the products found on this page

Multi-channel audio mixers

For customers that need to mix in different audio alarms / music / etc to a single input.

Pitot Tube Mounting Bracket Kit

Pitot Tube Mounting Bracket Kits Paintable.jpg

Angle of Attack (AOA) / Pitot / Static Pneumatic Lines

SafeAir1 AOA-Pitot-Static Air Kits PSA Kit SkyView 08.jpg

Remote Angle of Attack Display

VX-Aviation Remote LED AOA Display ADS-horizontal.jpg

Remote Magnetometer (Compass) Mount

SafeAir1 Remote Compass Mount for EDC-D10A RCmount 05.jpg

RPM Signal Voltage Adapter

Useful for adapting a "ECU" (engine control unit) low-voltage (typically, 5V) tachometer signal to a level that can be detected by a Dynon EMS-D10, EMS-D120, or FlightDEK-D180, which require a tachometer signal > 10V.

Baker Electronix TSD/ATSD (Tachometer Adapter) DSC00056r.jpg